Defend IT™ was developed with new L.D.F.T. Lightning Defender Forewarning Technology.


The basic version of Defend IT ™ is equipped with an intelligent ANTENNA and DRIVER.
The ANTENNA (code 3EDFT2.0) is a detector that monitors storm fronts through a sophisticated software that determines particular bands of electromagnetic waves of which lightning is composed.
The DRIVER (code 3EPSD) is the electronic part that manages data from the antenna and gives the signal to isolate systems via an on/off command. (Optional 0-10V analogic output, code 3EPSD010 and RS-485 digital output, code 3EPSD485).
Defend IT ™ can manage other optional components via BUS system*, such as DATA LINE PROTECTION, and PC and BLACK BOX DATA MONITORING for recording data with NFC (Near Field Communication **) technology.


When a storm reaches the pre-set lightning alert distance, the DefendIT ™ antenna sends a signal to the Driver, which gives an On/off command via a relay, thus isolating the electrical system and preventing damage caused by lightning.
Furthermore, Defend IT ™ can also isolate a production or numerical control (CNC) system via a special electronic option that allows communication with the PLC by means of an analogue output signal at 0-10 V or with RS 485 output.
Other optional components can be added via Defend IT™ bus system, a communication system for interfacing with DefendIT™ range products.

Note: all systems isolated by Defend IT™ can be toggled on the UPS or current generators.



DATA LINE PROTECTION SYSTEM (code 3ETDSP2): DefendIT ™ range option which allows the Intranet (LAN) to be isolated from atmospheric discharges via the telephone/external data network.
BOX MONITOR SYSTEM (code 3EMTB): system that connects Defend IT ™ to the Ethernet or GSM network and allows monitoring of storm activity via web or simply via computer. Have a look at a practical example on our website:
BLACK BOX 2.0 (code 3EBB2.0): device connected to the Defend IT ™ bus which allows the data storage of events recorded during storms with electrical discharges produced by lightning. An optimal solution in the insurance industry and wherever data monitoring and control is required.
Events are easily downloadable via smartphones equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication**) technology.


Thanks to its unique construction, Defend IT ™ offers countless applications and can be used in any sector where there is a need to protect expensive electronic parts connected to the mains.
Defend IT ™ can give a simple On/off command to isolate various types of electrical systems such as:

  1. Energy production systems: photovoltaic, wind biogas
  2. Livestock and fish farms
  3. Household, condominium, commercial and industrial installations
  4. Plants for grid connection or charging cars, yachts and motorhomes
  5. Computer and server systems
  6. Hospital and pharmaceutical systems
  7. LED lighting systems
  8. Bank burglar alarms and video surveillance systems
  9. ...any many other types of systems.

Moreover, Defend IT ™ optional electronics can also manage a 0-10V analogue signal to communicate storm front progress to all Numerical Control CNC machines.
Under this system, it is possible to secure machines or toggle electronics onto a UPS unit without encountering any sudden blocks of these machines, preventing damage and production stoppages due to atmospheric discharges but also to bothersome blackouts which often occur during storms.

*In electronics and information technology, the bus is a communication channel that allows peripherals and components of an electronic system to "communicate" with each other by exchanging information or system data through signal transmission.

**Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that provides two-way short-range wireless connectivity (RF). When two NFC units are brought together within a radius of 4 cm, a peer-to-peer network is created between the two and both can send and receive information.

The products, photos, approvals and diagrams on this sheet are to be considered indicative and non-binding and may be subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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