Nowadays, protecting your investments has become an indispensable commodity.

It is even more essential if these investments include equipment, CNC machines, production facilities in general and content servers.

In these terms, DefendIT™ becomes an intelligent ally of your machine or plant. In fact, the various Defend IT™ models can communicate directly with your plant/machinery using:

12 volt output – to give plants risk prevention commands such as flashing lights, sirens or simple contactors (relays) that can isolate the system or switch on an uninterruptible power supply in order to avoid any overvoltage surges from the outside. Together with flashing lights and sirens, notice can also be given to operators so they can shelter sensitive equipment in manual mode, as well as protect the safety of operators themselves.

0-10 V analogic output - to communicate the risk area directly to machine PLCs so they can go into protection mode, depending on the guidelines set by the programmer, avoiding both risks to operators and any risk of damage to the machinery itself and its productivity.

RS485 digital output - to communicate the risk area directly on the operator's monitor, which will take or communicate the appropriate precautions.

With these 3 elements, you can finally put an end to any risk of machinery burn-out or production stops due to the above. Finally, the right protection to safeguard your investment from lightning.

Protecting investments from lightning with Defend IT™ is now accessible to everyone.

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