When working on electrical systems or with equipment powered by mains, atmospheric discharges can represent unacceptable risks.

Every nation has generally applicable laws and electrical safety standards to protect workers.

For obvious reasons, personnel working on equipment and machinery must be warned when an electrical storm is located nearby, as their safety could be put at risk by any overvoltages due to electrical discharges from the storms themselves.

Many dangerous situations exist: cranes, roofs, machinery and all operating points with a presence of electrical conductors are potential hazards. However, no human eyes or ears are able to determine with certainty and immediacy the distance and approaching of this risk, especially if they are working inside a building.

Defend IT™ allows you to monitor any atmospheric changes, setting a safe limit beyond which measures should be taken for the safety of operating persons in certain activities.

Defend IT™ is the ideal, reliable solution enabling those involved in the corporate organisational process to assess with certainty any need to clear work areas involved in compliance with the laws and regulations in force should a risk of overvoltages due to lightning be present.

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